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Upvoated for obvious autism.

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Did you learn math in school? If so you may have also learned what is called geometry, geo means earth and metry means measure, whereas geo also translates to space. In geometry you have no abstract concepts like measurements or numbers, they do not exist in geometry. That is why you were not allowed to measure in geometry class. However it is just to show you, that you can indeed do math in an undefined space without using even numbers or measure anything. Further can you see nature using the same geometrical rules, therefore you can conclude that those principles must have an indepenend existence outside of yourself, since you do not need to create abstract concepts in your mind for those principles or "abstract things" to work in reality.

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This is actually a very good comment but it does not disprove my theory.

You can have a circle in 2D but you can't have a sphere in 2D only in 3D so the geometrical shape is inherent to the space you "measure" it in without the space there is nothing not even geometrical shapes, and what if you are reduced to a theoretical 1D space then you only have points and lines and maybe empty spaces.

Well you could say that a point is always present in any space but what is a point? Is a completely abstract concept that does not really exist in nature - even in our 3D world the smallest things we can call reality are at the Plank size, there is no "unmesurable" point, at least as far as we can say.. and what is a circle(or any other geometrical shape) if not a collection of points ordered in a specific way, right? So we have something(shapes) composed of nothing(points)?! - well how's that possible - it's possible because we have a "space" that is composed of something(aka. not metaphysical points) but real stuff that has dimensions and out of that we can build geometry etc.

Otherwise you could not have "something"(shapes) out of nothing(points) either you have a space to define the shapes in or you have a mind(also something) to conceive those shapes and hold them in memory aka. metaphysical space of the mind.

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Well so that's for theory but what about practise, this is where things get interesting

This is where "Chaos Theory" and "Chaos Magic" come into play - they are for all practical purposes the same thing.

Combining axioms, "Chaos Theory" with known properties of Quantum Physics you can actually predict and influence likely outcomes.

So Quantum Physics says the act of observation is what makes things happen and without an observer things are in a state of superposition(ie. limited chaos) so chaos turns into order on contact with order.

Chaos is the default state but any contact with order, orders it - the trick is prediction and influence over this process.

This obviously involves lots and lots of trial and error but knowing your axioms, basic laws of physics and controlling your inputs and outputs you can under circumstances "create things out of chaos" that you want - BTW I think this is what those super accelerators are really about