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Thank you for this post.


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My favourite quote is:

"Evil is banal"

It helps me identify evil.


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Do you mean boring and tedious , repetitious ? Or as in .' banal nationalism? ' That is an interesting way to identify evil It is pretty basic , evil. Not too sophisticated . Can give the illusion it is though. .Hmm .... thinking ...


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Primarily repetitious.

(Let me preface my wall of text with: I am a software engineer, and identifying patterns is my career)

(From a non-traditional Christian point of view) I believe that, since we are born into sin/evil, and therefore are repetitive in nature. We live this way daily by our habits. Its only when we break these habits that we move into better light. However, in this new light we can become comfortable again and its easy to fall back into cycles.

Here are a few examples I can think of:

  1. In movies and entertainment, these areas become banal as they release iterations of old products (think Call of Duty, Marvel movies, iPhone or Samsung products). And naturally we see these areas become more corrupt and filled with greed (Evil). Quality plummets. Care for the end user plummets. The only thing that matters is money. When these things first emerged, they were unique and revolutionary in their respective spaces.

  2. The invention of electricity propelled the quality of human life exponentially. The past 200 years have been incomparable to the last tens of thousands of years of stagnation and suffering (Evil).

  3. By our habits, if we continue to just graze on this planet we will eventually die on it (Evil). We will be required to leave Earth, and find a new habitable planet in the future. This will require discoveries beyond anything we can imagine now.

"Evil is banal" is like a scale- Its not like after a few iterations something immediately becomes evil. We are constantly progresses towards it- Like gravity- Objects falling closer to a black hole. And thats just the way we exist "here". In this "plane", "realm" or universe, whatever you want to call it, we will always fall towards evil. Its up to us to recognize when we have fallen to far, act on it, and make a change.

And then the cycle repeats :)

I could write a lot about this topic, but to tie it back into your post- You can see the banal nature of the Media and the stories they report. The same story structure over-and-over again; Even the same article headlines across multiple "news" platforms. Every late night host has the same mundane template to their episodes (e.g. Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert, John Oliver.. etc...) The people in "power" have been doing the same games for decades, and they no longer work, which is why Trump won. I believe we all have the capacity to start identifying Evil (though its banal nature) and we begin to reject it- Even for those who don't consciously recognize this