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Most of them went back to reddit so that they can be ruled over by some jew mods. Its bizarre.

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I know, side bar dropped from 250 to 40 users. We will secure 10-20 cool new goats from this.

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There were hundreds here yesterday now just around 35. I mean did any actual posters stick around?

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We fragged their asses and turned this into "PatriotsAgainstJewsbox".

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Some massive amount of the population only wants to be led and don't want to think for themselves it's pathetic. Once we break threshold all those retards will be listening to us instead of globalist jew bankers. Then we can string them along until we get enough support to build those ovens we need and bam!

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It really is sad. I think alot of it has to do with the old adage Ignorance is Bliss. It really only takes a small percentage of the populace to make a difference. 3% of the colonist gave us the United States after all (or so it is claimed).

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I love the Voat immune system, so fucking much. Fucking nigger cunts around this place keep the porch monkeys and sheckle beggars out of our neighborhood

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Yep, most of them are gone. Works every time.

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Even though Q is fake as shit