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Safety first grow n go 3 in 1 convertible carseat- our son has only ever had this carseat, never an infant carrier style. It's worked great. Came through a scary incident where my mother in law almost drove us off a cliff, he slept through it. More recently had a small fender bender that hit his side of the car, though thankfully towards the front of the car, and he was unharmed.

Silicone feeders, as well as some nuby bristley teethers, and the banana first toothbrush.

Hexagon shaped playpen by summer infant- was a lifesaver during the time he was learning to scoot around and our entire house had concrete floors. We bought some foam puzzle mats and cut them to fit the shape and it worked really well.

If breastfeeding, comfy pillows, a good chair, a long phone charging cord, a good water bottle, and one handed snacks. Necessities.

BIG boxes of diapers and BIG boxes of wipes that come with like 7 packs. Diapers you kind of have to gauge if your little one goes through sizes really fast like mine (9 months in a size 6) but wipes are forever. Stock up on wipes as much as possible.

Buy up in clothes sizes, like do not have an extensive wardrobe of 3 month clothes. They won't wear half of them. Stick to a smaller amount, enough to have extras but not be overwhelming. I probably have about 10-12 onsies right now between sizes 18-24 months plus a couple of t-shirt and short sets. Just ordered stuff in 2T as he's grown out of 18 months and I saw some good sales. 3 pair pants, 4 T-shirts. I may have to do laundry a little more frequently than some women might like, but to me it's worth it for everything to match each other, and to not have to sort crazy amounts of clothes when he sizes up. I love Carter's and Oshkosh because they fit him well, are cute, and seem to hold up well to wash and wear. However, all babies are different, find what fits YOUR baby best and stick with it!

Swaddle blankets are great, although my little man didn't like swaddles after like 2 months. Still useful for many other things around the house though!

Urbini reversi stroller- can take the seat out and turn it so little one is facing you while you walk, we both love this feature!

Moby wrap- look into different kinds for different sizes of parents and babies, but babywearing is really cool.

Paper plates and plastic cups- not essential, but no nursing mother wants to do dishes in her free time. Maybe technically wasteful and not the most green/earth friendly, but the benefit for mental health was worth it to me.

A good lovie with a small blanket attached to it. Is now used for rousing games of peekaboo before bed. He loves when it's over our face and we ask where's momma or where's dada? And he gets to find us by ripping it off our faces. It makes him so happy.

Some things I didn't use like people swore I would- bottles, burp cloths (he never spit up much, when he does I usually use an old swaddle blanket!) No pacifiers at all, bibs didn't fit around his chubby little neck, baby shoes, changing table, crib (cosleep, working on transitioning him to a floor bed)

Best thing I've learned in these 9 months is that parenting is not one size fits all! You do what you feel is best for your baby. Because they are an individual, not a statistic. Sorry this is a bit of a ramble, blame it on the mommy brain.

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Seconding silicone feeders! I always read about people having a hard time cleaning the mesh ones, and I'm just like...but did you know they make silicone ones?🤷‍♀️ About to put little man to bed but once he's asleep I'll add some products for sure!!

Question: does the silicone pump sit in the holder fairly stable or is it wobbly? Heard a lot of reviews of the haaka (popular brand in this style) that it's very wobbly and lots of moms lose a good amount of milk due to knocking it over. Congrats to your wife for being a milky momma!! It's hard work, but so worth it for the benefits!

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She hasn't had any problems with it falling off as you essentially suction cup it to your breast. It is narrower on the bottom, but she hasn't knocked it over yet. She has lost milk by forgetting to place the silicone diaphragm in one of the baby bottles she was using as a collection bottle (with her electric pump) before though. I hope I answered your question :-)

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Thanks I was curious! I've been fortunate enough to not have had to pump since like 4/5 months, but since I know I want more babies I'm always on the lookout for good breastfeeding products for the second go round!