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Who cares. I would rather have a kid on a leash that a one smashed by a car.


[–] DickHertz 10 points -2 points (+8|-10) ago 

Somehow parents managed to keep their kids alive without treating them like pet animals.

You're a shitty parent.


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Spoken like someone that has never had to watch a smart spry little bastard with a death wish.

Kid on a leash infinetly better than a smushed or abducted one.


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fuck off, comparing it to animals implying it's cruel. it's not cattle prodding or beating circus animals. it's a fucking distance limiter. it's probably only used in crowds like in zoos that can get a kid trampled if he darts into a group of tall people and then you can't see it.

it also keeps little shitheads away from me. i fucking hate kids and commend these parents and here you are talking about them to discourage attempts at responsibility.

fuck you


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In tourist areas, i see no problem with it. They are always a magnet for shady fucks and foreigners.


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And you're never gonna have kids... But I hope you do so you can learn how dumb you have been.


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We use leashes, never got a reaction to those. It was the dog collars that got everyone upset.


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I've seen times when I've supported it and I've seen times when I didn't. Mostly the latter. But I saw a mom going through Disney land with something like 5 kids, each of them trying to run in different direction. Without at least some of them on string that mess would have only been worse. That situation would have been nothing but 5 hours of hell for her otherwise.

Now when you see two fat parents with only one kid going through walmart.


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That opened a deep wound I thought was finally beginning to heal.


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He died to make men free.


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never forget


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I visited Harambe's enclosure not too long before he was killed. People make excuses for that mom, but I don't buy her lie about only taking her eye off the kid for a second. That enclosure was not easy to get into even for an adult. Also the viewing area is pretty small - so not possible for you to lose sight of your group while standing there.

My bet is that the mom was over playing on rope climbing thing and not even paying attention when her kid wandered over to the enclosure. The other people at the enclosure probably didn't pay any attention to the kid (nor were they required to) until he was falling in. Normal people get absorbed in their own things, and also expect parents to watch their own kids.


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Having a leash saved my husbands life when he was a child. He was always getting into trouble. At one point he ran straight into the ocean and was rescued by an international soccer team who was holding practice on the beach. His mom couldn't catch him in time to stop him. My husband swears by these leashes and makes it a point to stop and tell parents they are doing the right thing.


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Harambee would still be alive if the parents weren't insufferable cunts.

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