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Or get mad at both. Kid needs to get bitched at to feel the shame he should be feeling in the privacy of his home.



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So what you're saying in plain English is:

Voat is no more unbiased than Reddit through biased moderation and the site operators?

Their motives for operating the site are also questionable. Ie, honey potting?

Voat's sudden popularity of late has attracted both good and bad attention, and the bad has subverted it's appeal rapidly?

Thanks for the heads up if so.

Another reason why the voting system is shit, and why centralised is bad.

I'd rather have a huge list and have decent sorting and search tools to find the wheat from the chaff.


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I still don't get what Sanegoatiswear is saying.

Please explain in laymans terms what the issue is.

I'm receptive to any and all info, but you need to make a cohesive statement and explain the issue.

What's fee fees?

You're freely saying stuff right now, and you're free to read stuff, so what's the problem?

As for T&cs, who cares?

I've not read T&cs for software or virtual services ever because I'm aware it's user beware. What expectations do you have that are not being met?


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Just ignore him. he has some personal crusade he has decided to take up and spam it into areas that it doesn't belong. Oddly enough making the site he wants to save worse with off-topic comments.