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The mod's of /v/pizzagate are the same bitches that were running /r/pizzagate, they all just slid over here, the agenda was always the same, keep it focused on "Comet Pizza",

Anytime we mention Saudi owned the pizza-blocks, deleted. Anytime we post evidence that owners of Voat are involved in running children for sex-slavery all over MENA deleted, Palantir is the MIND of PEDO-DOLLAR, DYNCORP is the muscle.

Who gives a fuck? Nobody. Started in 1972, now 45 years old, used to be children were bred from 1960's/50's programs and passed to Saudi, got to the point in 1970's that the Saudi's didn't want sicko's anymore, then wanted clean healthy children, so the CIA started the 'Finders' and started kidnapping children all over the country, by 1980's you had Boystown; Later Michael Jackson running Neverland where they were going into public schools to find 'attractive children'.

Now they have the INTERNET, where PALANTIR can scrub for photo's of children along with GOOGLE, the SAUDI client can pick the child they wish,... anybody that interferes with the BIZ model can be destroyed by having CP placed in their home.

The recent MOSSAD op of the teen in ISRAEL was that he was putting CP on peoples computers for a fee on the dark-web, he only got busted because he threatened to murder pentagon officials children.