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Here is a similar question where I already tried to answer this, here is the megathread that has been posted in the meantime.

When talking about the current drama [1, 2] around /v/askvoat moderators you need to understand that a lot of people came to voat from reddit because they felt that certain power mods who moderate 100+ subreddits are pushing a narrative by unnecessarily censoring discussions.

As far as I know this drama dates back to when /u/she made a request for Level 1 clearance of askvoat. After reviewing u/she's comment history some users expressed concerns that u/she's holds beliefs they labelled as SJW and were afraid of the potential censorship of one of the most popular subs on voat. One of the admins said that he's going to review the matter personally. No progress was made since.

Because every sub here has a modlog people noticed that a lot of threads are getting removed. For example u/she deleted a thread that was on top of askvoat for 2+ hours and had 50+ comments just because it had a question mark missing. People now feel that quality discussion is being censored because it goes against one of the moderator's personal views which was exactly what they feared. That's why you see a lot of threads discussing this now.


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oh wow, yeah, she shouldn't be a mod.


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Thanks for the explanation.