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Confessed pedophile of 8 yo cousin. SJW defend her as the victim.


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know of any good non-skewed factual reports on this. Everything I can find is either a love or hate hit piece.


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The Breitbart pieces are most definitely biased in tone, but they are factual. She's an admitted pedophile, has admitted to possession of an encrypted stash of non-nude model pics (These are child porn in some places, but not in others. I'm pretty sure they are legal in the US. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COPINE_scale), posted some of said pics to her chats, and has admitted to various other wretched behaviors too. I don't know where to currently get a copy of the logs, but I'm sure you can find 'em if you search. She has admitted via DMCA claims, under penalty of perjury, that the chat logs are in fact genuine.

She has posted a piece defending herself here https://archive.is/BfDxD, in which she claims she was just being an edgy teen channer. This is belied by the fact that Breitbart contacted the parents of the underage cousin Nyberg was fixated on, and they confirmed that she was already not allowed to be alone with their daughter. (And note that with a hit piece as nasty as Breitbart's, every single word will be double checked for accuracy to avoid libel lawsuits.)(Also, I'm not gonna share the name of the girl, Breitbart did the right thing there, and I'm going to follow their lead. It's in the chat logs if you really just have to know.)


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I don't know of anything that isn't terribly biased out about her. There are claims that she is a confessed paedophile, with IRC logs as "proof". The logs were supposedly taken from her computer by hackers. It is unlikely that the logs are genuine and there is no real proof that I've seen anywhere that she has confessed to the things she has been accused of. (IRC logs are too easy to doctor or fake and if she were actually a paedophile there should have been evidence of that on the computer that was hacked) But if something is echoed enough times it must be true /s

She is definitely anti-GamerGate, and most of the attacks against her come from that side of things. Which means that she will naturally be defended by SJW's on the other side. It turns into a massive he said/she said thing.

I am not up to date on any current controversy, but that's all the info I have so far.

EDIT: Obviously the info I had was out of date. The situation and excuses in her own words at https://medium.com/@srhbutts/i-m-sarah-nyberg-and-i-was-a-teenage-edgelord-b8a460b27e10


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Note: Take this with a pinch/truckload of salt, as most (if not all) of this information is stuff I read on /r/KotakuInAction

Few things:

The logs were supposedly taken from her computer by hackers.

People on the pro-GamerGate side say that they were publicly available on whatever website this whole controversy is focused around ("FFShrine" or something).

It is unlikely that the logs are genuine

Supposedly she tried to DMCA the logs, thereby claiming them as hers/genuine.

IRC logs are too easy to doctor or fake

No argument here.

if she were actually a paedophile there should have been evidence of that on the computer that was hacked

I think that there's actual proof of this, but I don't have anything on-hand at the moment. Again, sourced from /r/KotakuInAction.


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Right. I'm not saying she isn't guilty of the things she's accused of. I'm not saying she is guilty. The problem is that all of the evidence against her is coming from sources that are inherently biased against her. People defending the evidence are pro-GG, so biased. The people defending her are anti-GG and biased. I have seen absolutely nothing from a neutral source that would allow me to make a conclusion one way or the other.

But really guilt or innocence is irrelevant to the topic at hand. The controversy around it is the actual answer to the OP.


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Is she a trans dude?


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No idea. Why would that be relevant?