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2018-08-03 | Murder suspect of President George H.W. Bush's doctor kills himself

'Hausknecht, who was buried Saturday, treated Bush in 2000 for an irregular heartbeat after the ex-president complained about lightheadedness. '

'Joseph James Pappas, the suspect in the killing of a cardiologist who once treated President George H.W. Bush, shot and killed himself Friday as police surrounded him, according to Houston police chief Art Acevedo. '

'On Tuesday, police released another video from a home-security camera that showed the suspect riding his bike in a nearby neighborhood minutes after Hausknecht was shot. '

'"When the backup unit arrived, the suspect took his gun and shot himself in the head," Acevedo said. '

'Police were initially led to Pappas through a tip from someone who had seen surveillance video of the suspect. '

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