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Hillary Clinton bought her super-secret Blackberry devices on EBAY | Daily Mail Online

"Republican Donald Trump has been blasting Clinton on the campaign trail for her email practices. 'Who would do this?", "They even took a hammer to some of her 13 phones to cover up her tracks in obstruction of justice,' he charged in a national security speech in Philadelphia Wednesday."

'She was actually buying this stuff off of eBay because somebody was selling their old machine. ', " He has asked a federal prosecutor to probe whether she played a role in a private technology worker's destruction of archived Clinton emails shortly after the existence of her server was revealed.", "The FBI notes also revealed that a Clinton aide used a hammer to destroy devices that were cycled out of commission. 'No one takes all the risks Hillary Clinton took unless they are trying to cover up massive crimes. 'Chaffetz continues to put pressure on Clinton over her emails."

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