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Good man. A good friend of mine had a horrible injury as a kid and had surgeries for years. He ended up hooked on opiates at the end and had to go to rehab. It was really tough on him. He did come out of it but is terrified of anything. He won't even drink a beer for fear of addiction so I always tell people about it. Get well soon!


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I really hurt my back many years ago and was given Percodan...they worked well, at first. Then they became less and less effective and I took more and more to compensate. I was in a lot of pain. I got addicted, realized it, and stopped taking them. Cold Turkey is no fucking joke. Never, ever again. I was ignorant of how addictive those pills were. The doc prescribed them, right? It's medication. Fuck that. I endured the pain through physical therapy and came out ok, but it took a long while . . .


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Sciatic nerve damage here... I took the pain. Almost killed me. The ole' 357 looks pretty good after a month of that. Glad to see you escaped the opiate jew's trap.