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This was during the years of Detroit's ultra-rapid paced decline. Every single time you looked again at Detroit, the nigger:human ratio increasingly favored niggers. The humans didn't leave due to racism. They left because of all the murder, rape, theft, property damage, etc., that niggers bring with them everywhere in the world they show up. Instead of wiping them all out and dumping their bodies into the Detroit river like should have happened, whitey gave them the beautiful city of Detroit. The Paris of the Midwest, basically gifted to niggers. Thus far they've managed to turn the once great city they inherited into an ghostly, empty shell, resembling a war-torn bombed out city in Iraq in a matter of a few decades. Of course, this is all whitey's fault.


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Detroit used to be a thriving and vibrant city with culture, manufacturing and technology. These things attracted the niggers and they moved in.

South Africa used to be sparse in population but white settlers migrated to and built it into a thriving farming and industrial center with culture, technology and every amenity imaginable. These things attracted the niggers and they moved in.

See the pattern?


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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=i-aMeTfumXg :

Take Another Look At Detroit (c. 1975) - YouTube

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2:52... construction of the REN CEN. the land mark and most notable building in detroit. it was finished in 1979