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Seth Rogen, as a Hollywood Jew, is part of it.

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Sure it was bullsh*t nor is it the only example of False Flag terrorism, Jews did 911.

The UnDead of Columbine, by Rachel Scott, "a search for the victims of the [alleged] 1999 Columbine Massacre in official records yields some shocking results .. there aren't any.

One of the first complete "No Motive" school massacres ever staged, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold friends and fellow actors with Rachel Scott, were supposed to have gunned down twelve students and a teacher - only to shoot themselves there after.

Most people accepted this as a real event, now the fact emerged that the son of the lead FBI agent investigating the case helped the Klebold and Harris team make a film about a bombing inside the school prior to the alleged shooting."

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Too retarded to take seriously.

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I already did my own research and concluded that Jordan Peterson did Columbine.