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A good guide. Thanks for sharing!

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10. This one can't be stressed enough! I personally have been at rock bottom several times in my life. Nobody and I mean Nobody was ever there to give me a hand. I know all these people that are supposed to be good upstanding pillars of the community. They all knew I was having a hard time and not one of them ever offered any help. I'm not talking about hand outs. These people knew about jobs to be had but wouldn't tell me about them. Instead they helped their rich buddies son or nephew get the jobs. Don't be like these turds! There are people all around you that need a helping hand. Your hand up could mean all the difference in the world!!!

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8. If you are a good steward with what God has given you you will be blessed with more! Never let the wealth and/or power be placed before God in your heart. As you gain, at some point you will be tempted to join (((their))) club! If the money or power are 1st in your heart you will be easy pickings.

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I think it is good to be well rounded and get around the political sphere but to carve things out to fit a right wing ideology, because ultimately its the way to the highest and most objective system of values in the world and one that will care and tend to the need of others.

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7. Tv commercials are a good place to start. It doesn't have to be politicised. Most normies set around with the tv on. When the commercials start just say something like, " why does every white man on commercials have to be unkempt or appear dumb? We are not dumb or dirty! What are they actually trying to sell with that?". Just leave it there and if they balk about don't fight with them just say "yeah? Well, just watch and see!". Your family that you are trying to reach will start paying attention and they will see very quickly. You have opened their eyes just a little. Once that happens moar will follow.

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5. We need a list of companies that we CAN trade with. Everybody's got a list a mile long of bad companies but I've never seen a list of good companies. It might be easier to know who we need to trade with than who not to trade with.

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Disagree with the involvement in local politics or anything like that. Family and close friends should be in agreement with your worldview. Do prepper shit. Hide your power level. Develop your sleeper cell with weapons, training and supplies.

The only right wingers who should be wasting time with optics bullshit like local politics and charity work are those in leftist enclaves and major cities.