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It passed ;((((

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This could backfire and actually cause more people to stop using Jewtube, KikeBook, and other platforms who comply with this EU bullshit completely.

A decentralized platform could easily circumvent this blatant attempt at ((( Censorship ))).

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Even during the darkest days of the (((Soviet))) Union people founds aways around the (((censorship)))

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When they are setting up internet censorship the next thing they will do is start forcing desegregation and race-mixed marriages and placing microchips on people. Its all a slippery slope to the pure dehumanization of mankind.

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https://archive.fo/CQDKx :

An EU copyright bill could force YouTube-style filtering across the Web | Ars Technica

'And they point out that systems like Content ID have a history of overzealous takedowns that threaten fair use and free speech rights. '

'Content ID scans each uploaded video and compares it to a database of copyrighted works previously provided by rightsholders. '

'This is the same basic approach that YouTube took a decade ago with its Content ID system. '

'Article 11 aims to change that by giving news publishers more control over how technology platforms excerpt and link to their articles. '

'They've dubbed Article 11 a "link tax" that could get publishers in trouble merely for linking to an article with its headline as the link text. '

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