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It should place Israel in the frying pan, but Russia won't go too far. Israelis are basically kind of like cousins to the crypto-Bolsheviks in Moscow.

They won't go the full lengths to save Assad. They will cower out and back because all they care about is seizing land in Eastern Europe, and you can't blame them with the West provoking them.

If Moscow can't save Assad I will sure be protesting and preparing something to save him and make sure Israel gets ISISed.

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Putin says this all the time but then nothing ever happens. It's all bullshit. Putin is just as much an oligarch puppet as everyone else in the world. What's his net worth these days? 400 zillion trillion? Where'd he get all that money from? Growing soybeans?

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Where does this place Israel? More like where does this place the US?

Idlib is a disaster waiting to happen though. Assad-Russia-Iran-Hezbollah are liable to drive migrant flow to biblical proportions. If they do count on the usual suspects to blame the US. But mostly the j00z.

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Oh no, thousands more Eritreans, Somalis, Pakistanis and Afghans will come to Europe thanks to the stamping out of US-sponsored fanatics in Idlib!