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It might seem like just plain Demographic shift, but its all meant to pinball back into white genocide. They want to destroy us all.

They want to do so slowly, but when it gets going it will happen quickly. Rise up and defend your people!

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What is currently happening to white countries is not a result of natural circumstances. The white race didn’t just find itself running out of resources, we didn’t wake up one day to discover our people had been wiped out in a flood or a new tribe had outbred us in the region. No, what occurred was a decades long push for immigration from third world countries due to propaganda directed at our people from outside and inside our borders.

Multiculturalism as a doctrine was not born of necessity. White people did not become infertile or incapable of living on our own. It was born out of ideology. Out of an ideological drive to make the West change its demographics and as a result, to change it’s culture and it’s worldview.

If this is true, and I will demonstrate how it is true, then we must accept that this doctrine of multiculturalism was born with the purposeful end goal of destroying the social fabric of Western societies and is not the result of a naturally occurring demographic shift.

I call what is happening to the white race "assisted suicide." Yes, liberal leftist whites themselves are bringing it about by pushing insane policies designed to reduce the white population, destroy white institutions such as marriage and the Christian churches, flood white nations with non-whites and non-Christians, and cripple the industries and economies of white nations, but ... and it's a huge but ... this would never have happened without the helpful assistance and leadership of the Jews. The Jews are orchestrating white genocide. They planned it, they initiated it, and they are pushing it forward, and white liberals -- soulless, directionless, immoral, empty, self-hating white liberals, are their stooges and are working to bring about the destruction of the white race.

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im not sure you understand what the word suicide means

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Hmmmmmmmm... I'll go with demographic shift.