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Yeah, but he played video games before, so he knows what he's doing.

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Good job.

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If the Japs had had kamikaze pilots this steady and skilled they might've won the war in Pacific Theater!

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A cruise missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin Class Submarine in St. James Bay.

Full disclosure coming soon.


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https://invidio.us/watch?v=YVDdjLQkUV8 :

911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77 - YouTube

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Bloke found his vocation a little too late in life. Sad!

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He never could have pulled of the diving corkscrew maneuver WITHOUT an equally trained co-pilot.

Multiple experienced, and trained career 757 pilots have went on record about this single telling fact.

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Yeah, they said that was the niftiest thing ever done with an airplane. They probably had Israeli Air Force officers training them in the United States, because those guys are good to say the least. Everyone read this book to commemorate those who died on 9/11 and to remember the people who facilitated it:

9-11 EVIL: Israel's Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

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There were 12 security cameras recording the entire area of the approach of "Flight 77's crash into the pentagon". All recordings were confiscated within hours of the event by the FBI. NONE OF WHICH HAVE EVER BEEN RELEASED.

The FBI visited the Citgo gas station southwest of the Pentagon within minutes of the attack to confiscate film that may have captured the attack. According to Jose Velasquez, who was working at the gas station at the time of the attack, the station's security cameras would have captured the attack.

The Citgo Gas-Station camera rolls 24/7 and would have shown the entire "crash" from a reverse angle.

Why was the only video released comprised of single frames that show nothing conclusive IF the FBI has multiple angles of the plane's approach to confirm?

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They probably did not want his flying skills identified since someone might have picked up it was a tactic someone in the Israeli Air Force used to train for targeting columns of troops or enemy ships.

They might have been able to identify through a kind of understanding of how plain velocity and projectile force tie back into these general tactics.

Most people say it was to hide the fact that a missile had been fired on the Pentagon, but I think the real missile is that it is tied back to Israeli Air Force officers going rogue and training these people to do this, which is not something they would not have gotten in normal training.

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