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Hey, as an aging band long past its sell by date that isn't getting any new fans, let's go to a country and ridicule the majority's choice. Sounds good to me!

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I hope Nazi Sweden gasses him. Just because the gas chambers were a myth doesn't mean they have to stay that way.

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Either that or ...

Bono dies at the hands of the very same Niggers that he helped take over South Africa.

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Looking forward to the Malema Relief Concert the people who made it possible will throw in about 2-3 years.

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Bono is a gigantic faggotist.

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He plays the bassoon? I didn't think he had any real talents.

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This shit is bizarre.

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but it makes so much sense. U2 the loving band who writes songs about heaven and love? nope just evil jews taking your money.

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No sympathy for whites even though they made him rich.

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Hogtie him and drop him off at Moleenbeek. He'd be among friends. They won't hurt him.

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Bono is a leftist maniac that should be fed to Moloch or something like that. He is one of the biggest idiots out there.

The only one doing the crypto-Roman salute are the left wingers in the white world. They need to be taught a lesson the hard way, or they will just continue to debase the countries they are in.

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And then everyone in the audience flipped him off and walked out...right?

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