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lol, I wasn't aware that jack the ripper had such rookie numbers. He's regarded as some super villain in modern culture.

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It's crazy. I had just watched some docs on him. Greater london had around 6million people in it during jacks time. They guess he did upto 25 but they are tenious connections. The official number is 5.

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When is that movie coming out?

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3.7 min in and already somebody got mad and downvoted you.

The tears... So tasty...

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we should make posts upvoats/downvoats users make/submit viewable for one day every year, i'd really like too see that data.

Transparency Day

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bots trying because they're crying.

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Can you make a bot intelligent enough to parse sentiment and downvoat posts that go against your narrative? You're fighting an opponent way more intelligent than you, face it.

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You newfag nigs still thinking internet points matter... my sides.

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[Member for 9 months]

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I struggle so deeply with the horror of this I am forced to compartmentalize this in an iron-clad mental chest just to avoid falling apart.

Any nation on earth that can in any way create a relativistic interpretation that justifies the rape or sexual assault of literal children to the point that it takes years and years to even begin to turn the gears of justice is a cankered husk long past due for a war to wipe it clean from the earth.

I state this as a very very worldly man comfortable with almost all things that push a thousand boundaries- except for this one. The raping and sexing of living, breathing children are the end of the line for me and my ethics. It all stops there. THEY MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS!!!! Period. Or we are dead as a civilization. Gone. May as well push all the buttons and wipe the slate under a glass cataclysm if we cannot as a civilized Western culture provide 100% protection for our children.

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Part & Parcel bitch, go fuck off.... I got girls to groom

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sadiq you brown sand nigger faggot. go back to your shithole

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HEY you FUCK your self you cock nigger. Im hear for london you god damn cocking faggot

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Diversity. It’s just part and parcel for being inclusive.

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Jack the Ripper just got hold of a time machine... AGAIN... this time he made 200 copies of himself.

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Well duh, Jack was a white guy.

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He was killing when lives didn't mean much. He picked the lowest of the low at a time when people died constantly

But he did it with class and precision. He didn't just ram a crowd with a truck like an inbred retard

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