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Interesting stuff. Not much I can say, since they cover a lot. I do tend to think that it boils down to this, people with lower intelligence tend to see things in knowing small facts and achieving small practical tasks.

Those with average intelligence, tend to think they are smarter than they are and can think through ideas that might be out of their grasp. Highly intelligent people can usually think about ideas in sort of unoriginal manners, but maybe extend an idea, and disseminate large amounts of facts. Geniuses tend to conceive of new ideas and thoughts and new ways of systematizing and utilizing information. There are of course the practical forms of intelligence that need to be considered and involve a certain kind of rational intelligence, but I don't know how one can compare it to the previous more intellectual form of intelligence.

I think though that you see the practical intelligence correlate with higher forms of intelligence or at least higher forms of intelligence enhance practical forms of intelligence, but the correlation is not binary. I have always thought most people are sort of stupid and don't value sublimity, but maybe that is because a lot of people seem shallow these days. I think though people are more intelligent than one would realize and that one can pick this up in sort of the language structures some employ and the simple, yet very complex logic that is at play. I generally agree most people are stupid or at least not that bright, but that does not reflect upon some of the deeper mechanics and details at work and that ultimately we fail to see people's intellect at work in a broader context. I'd say most people tend towards an averageness of sorts.

There are so many components and aspects that are not taken into context when evaluating intelligence too and people can still fall on an average and have vastly different and even more developed forms of intelligence.

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Thanks for the sticky, /u/Joe_McCarthy.

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