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Just remember, after the Jews and leftists, journalists and academics go into the gas chamber next.

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Even the STEM professors?

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eh... make sure you pick the right academics. And leave the fucking history teachers alone regardless. Once the pressure is off the ones with proof win out anyways.

Really the only group that everyone goes in an oven isnt even Jews. Hitler had Jewish generals. Its marketers..any marketer that didnt quit theur feild in under 5 years goes to the gas.

Trust me gunna end up with plenty of jews in marketing depts.

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I've noticed that very rarely are one of the migrants killed in these fights.

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I've noticed joes tribe doing that a lot lately, someone from one of the protected classes does something terrible and they deflect by pointing out that someone else was a nazi, usually someone completely unrelated to the situation.

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Theres been too much "praying, mourning, and objective reasoning". Its time for a NEW CRUSADE!

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=5j2X6ezLL6w :

Media blames dead German for being murdered due to familial politics - YouTube

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Of course, when its a right-wing extremist that is being killed its no big deal, because that person never existed and was a kind of unperson, but you will notice that with these leftists they tend to like offing people who do not agree with them whatsoever.

These people according to their logic will eventually off anyone who is not like their particular self. Its pure barbarism to be exact.

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He was no ethnic German. He was Cuban.