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Letting illegal aliens in to work is absurd, but letting illegals vote is just treasonous. I don't give a fuck about Russian meddling. Anyone helping beaners from Mexico vote in my country's elections needs to be hung.

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It's a hell of a lot more than 15 million.

And although a lot are in CA, they are also spread all over, even in red states.

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lets make believe for one second that not a single illegal has, or will vote. the fact that they are counted for the purpose of allotting a number of representatives and electoral college votes, absolutely dilutes the will of the citizens. how the fuck has this been allowed?

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330 million total last census for population. Actual illegal number is closer to 30 million, meaning 10% of the entire population is a soldier of an invading army. Deportation will not solve what shooting them must.

Edit: Math likely off because of various factors. Solid numbers are not math.

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They walked across the border over decades. ICE (assisted by The National Guard) can certainly force them to reverse the process in less than 10 years.

We just need Trump's Wall to assist in making it much harder for the Cholo's to return.

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I'd rather the dead bodies speak for what will happen when they're caught. Dead people don't try to do it again.

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Drive them back to Tierra Fuego! Drive them back to Siberia or the Polynesia where they came from originally.

Its time to take out the illegal aliens and make sure they are not allowed to live in our country. They should not even be granted re-entrance because they broke the laws by trying to enter the country illegally in the first place.