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Don't worry the Jews are what they call others, lower and brutish creatures that worship money, suck dry the land/nature, warp the mind's interaction and perception of reality, distort and override the truth, and blast away all kinds of immorality.

Of course, not all Jews are not like this, but there certainly exists some out there who are like this. They work in their own ways to deconstruct and destruct the West.

Race-mixing is how they do this to be exact. Their punishment for this should be that they are kicked out of the United States. Kindness is a necessity to some extent or another.

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Even if this were true, it ignores two fundamental truths of reality- all politics is local and all familial bonds break after the first business venture.

Even if Jews could exterminate the White race, which NBC Mutually Assured Destruction would guarantee their own extinction- the environmental conditions that caused the White Race to emerge would cause a new race to develop the same or similar characteristics. Geneticists call this phenomenon Convergent Evolution. So even if Jews want to rule the World, the fact that they sent black Africans to cold Sweden means that when winter gets tough, and eventually it will, only the most well adapted will survive. The so called Jewish Rulers will then face a constant struggle of fighting natures god. Eventually, chaos being what it is, they will fail- sooner than the “10,000 year Pax Judeaica” they imagine.

No, it is always better to stick with the devil you know and evolved with- because the devil that’s coming will specifically evolved to destroy everything about Jews- that’s how evolution works.

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Are you saying Swedes emerged from niggers initially?

Even though niggers have 0% neanderthal DNA, while Scandinavians typically have ~5%?

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Slow the fuck down Cathy Newman. I said what I said. As for implications, it doesn’t matter Swedes emerged from anymore than it matters if insects evolved flight, along with pterodactyls, along with birds, and also bats- and they all evolved flight independently. The same way that it doesn’t matter who the Jews try to exterminate as a rival because of intelligence, another group will emerge to take up White Race’s place as competitor with the Jews. Further the new one will be even better adapted because they evolved directly to compete with Jews rather than be symbiotic with Jews.

Fucking brilliant.

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Long ago some super niggers escaped the Africa biome, fucked some Neanderthals and did well enough for themselves to evolve into a new race. That race then split into Europeans and Asians.

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He said niggas won't last long in cold Sweeden winters, once their skin dries out and becomes all ashy and shit, they gonna get the fuck outta there

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Virtually all of those are dubious. Ravage was mocking anti-Semites. The Cohen quote is fake. Dunno why Ignatiev is even on there.


What one can expect from some ham n' egger site.

Jews usually 'support' interracial unions though probably mostly because they think it promotes the kind of 'tolerance' that is also good for them. Beyond that I don't have any special interest in the topic. At this point white gentiles say they approve of mixing too. At least some are probably lying though.

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When I saw this post, and that it had 1 comment, I knew what shill I was gonna find. You didn't disappoint @Joe_McCarthy http://archive.is/dMQfQ

And while we are at it:


BEST OF @Joe_McCarthy

"Israel-first owner of /v/OccidentalEnclave attempts to defend Jews and fails" http://archive.is/oTVPC

The claim - Joe's debunking

Jewish media power - Jews are overrepresented in the US media yet still comprise a minority. And when people say Jews 'own' 'the media' this is the substance of it. They haven't the foggiest idea who owns the media in Germany or Switzerland.

Jews control the world - bullshit with no real evidence.

Jews ran the Soviet Union - overstated at best.

Israel controls the United States - bullshit though the Zionist lobby has considerable power.

Rothschilds own most or all central banks - a kook theory derived from fringe sources.


Remember the last time US bombed Syria after a false flag? This shit is what you stickied in /v/OccidentalEnclave

Why does Assad use chemical weapons? To terrorize hostile civilians and drive them out of the country thus creating refugees http://archive.li/YFhJp

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Let it be noted that you have nothing to say about my post itself. Just shill, irrelevancy, Assad chemical weapons. You're a moron.

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You took the bait

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It's like pitching slow balls to Babe Ruth. I know this stuff.

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I reacted to this when I first saw it, but it didn't really click.

Oy vey virtually all of those are dubious. Ravage was mocking anti-Semites (oy vey). The Cohen quote is fake (oy vey). Dunno why Ignatiev is even on there (oy vey).

You instantly knew who all of these jews/rabbis were. How?

I know some of the most dedicated and well read National Socialists and "anti-semites" you could imagine, and I doubt even they would instantly know all of these jews ,jew-marxist and rabbis from the top of their heads.

The only plausible explanation I can think of for you knowing them is that you are actually jewish yourself, and well read enough on jew-lore. Normal-goys sure have never even heard the names, civic-nationalists neither.


So are you actually jewish? Please be honest (I know this isn't a typical jewish trait, but make an exception for this humble goy)


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I'm not Jewish. I'm basically an anti-anti-Semitic racialist. A professional racialist essentially for all of the time I've long put into it. I pretty much understand the Jewish question probably about as well as anyone you're likely to meet.

Ethnoculturally I'm an Anglo-American of Protestant background.

Now that's the story. If you wish to persist in thinking me a ZOG agent or whatever I don't much care. But that's essentially what I'm about here.