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They didn't justify the war, they justified their actions during the war.

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I sort of like the look on the ladies face to be exact. It was funny when they said well should we have just asked the Netherlands if they wanted to be occupied. Obviously, this shows some of the abuses of the Nazis at play.

I am sometimes saddened that great cities in Great-Britain were reduced to rubble, the fair lands of Belgium and the Netherlands were conquered, and the magnificent nation of France was subjugated to the will of the Nazis. They were fighting great wickedness though that had tried to drive their culture and people under. Obviously, these men were unfortunately not exactly correct in saying the Wehrmacht did not participate in War Crimes.

They certainly had done so and I do pity the loss of life and those innocents who died brutal deaths, especially those Poles in the General Government and throughout Poland and even the Soviet soldiers who were ruthlessly slaughtered.

Obviously, such destruction is the result of Zionism, the great evil of this era. The eternal Jew should not be allowed to rule this fair country and the world. It must be driven out and back to its homelands.

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At the end they were saying Netherlands were going to be cucks reguardless?

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Wow... super good find. Saving.

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Justified just by the Ethnic Cleansing of 30 Million White Christians (some of German heritage) at the hands of ((( Bolsheviks ))).

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=LQdDnbXXn20 :

World War II justified by former German soldiers - YouTube

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