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beat me to ii was just about to post.

yet another Jewish sexual degenerate being exposed.

another anti trump media elite liberal jew bites the dust.

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Post, and RE-Post away my friend!

Just keep getting the truth about the ((( 2% ))) out there.

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amen, soldier.


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Let me guess, republican being blamed with bullshit?


is an American media executive. He is the chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation

Oh... well nevermi- waitafuckinminute...

Moonves was born to a Jewish family in New York City

Every. Fuckin'. Time.

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All these people are tied down to all kinds of sexual corruption. The women that crowd around them probably get too close and then they grab the opportunity to go after them.

Les Moonves should be thrown in jail, if the allegations are true, but as always we must take into account that the women might be lying to get attention and of course targeting him would not be a good idea, since I am a believer that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. I looked at him though and I saw that he did it.

He must of course pay the penalty which is life imprisonment. Monsters like this are a product of the Zionist system and its rampant degeneracy and such. The system pushes their issues under the carpet only for the problem to permeate throughout the system and effect others. This virus must be stopped and the era of degenerate feminism and Zionist multi-culturalism must be put to an end.

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You should always eat what you fuck. Lesson learned. I like my women, like I like my steak. Great, but different every time. Never comes up again.