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Oi, that's impossible, knoives are illegal.

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They're all preparing their "I'm not racist, but...." statements in case the soldiers for globalism media comes knocking.

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She must not have been very threatening if nobody felt it was worth the effort to attack her back.

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Yorkshire is a mess. Its where they had that Islamic pedophilia ring not too long ago. This is one particular case so its hard to draw it out to a general issue, but this is my main issue with non-whites submerging the white races.

It could end up in becoming deadly and lethal for a lot of people, including other members of humanity. Ultimately, if they are empowered enough and whites no longer rule then it could just become one massive death cult. The problem is we just don't know and can't calculate it all out, but our enemy seems to reference and indicate this thing being very much a probability.

They certainly have not softened out when Westernizing themselves. We just need a huge electrical fence around us to keep these people out.

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British police say a man suffered minor injuries when a woman wielding a foot-long (30 centimetres) knife chased passers-by through a northern England town centre.

The South Yorkshire Police force said a woman was in custody after Saturday’s incident in Barnsley, 150 miles (245 kilometres) north of London. The force says counter-terrorism detectives are supporting the investigation as police seek a motive.

Witnesses say a woman in a headscarf chased pedestrians around the area and shouted threats to kill while market traders were setting up for the day.