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Everything is getting downvoated so I thought to myself, “why not post this, it’s gonna get downvoated anyway?”

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Up over 3 hours so far with 'only' 1 downvote. I suppose what I'll call the 'one hand band' doesn't wake up until after noon at minimum.

Edit: up to 4 downvotes. It's after noon in much of the US. We'll sticky.

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There are some strong SJWs among the crowd down voting us. I am anti-Zionist, and I don't think all Anti-Semites end up falling in the SJWs category, but there seems to be a predilection towards mirroring them or leaning in that direction where some broad categorical similarities are to be had.

I have been getting crushed by some even though I call out Israel and the Zionist World Plot.

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Great video. The look on the dogs face is priceless and sort of epitomizes a certain kind of metaphysical meaning behind life that humanity has lost appreciation for in many respects.