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I looked up Norlisk and saw they had some poorly colored Stalinist styled architecture. It seems the further East you go in Russia you go the more depressing it becomes.

I agree with Oswy that this is not representative of the true part of Russia. The Bolshevik/Stalinist nightmare that Russia endured was a Zionist plot and came from those of Jewish-Turkish and Georgian stock. The people of Russia were too easily duped, but "bad" Vlad has revived matters and is trying to drive Russia forward as best as he can.

Russia is a mystical land and is essentially a nation with a very varied soul. Its not European purely, but we should respect it(when considering Eastern Europe) as part of the European sphere.

Who knows if we are successful in carrying forth our revolutionary cause we might be giving hi-fives to the Russians and sipping some Vodka in the Kremlin.

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Not in the Occident, or even in Europe. Why make such efforts to make people associate Russia with unpleasant things? Those who don't have any bizarre ancient family grudge against the Russian people find it hard to justify it being posted here.

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Actually it doesn't look that bad, I've seen much worse than this in Russia. The Russophiles are wasting their time downvoting this.

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Whereas your livelihood is in some capacity dependent on working with Russians. You don't have an ancient grudge. Probably more existential than some historical dispute at that. You are an interested party in another sort of way. I'm mostly just a guy posting threads here and there. One thread in this case which you seem offended by.

In any case I never respond well to being told essentially what to post - whatever the content. I dare say few do respond well to that. You should address the content of the video if anything rather than badgering me for deigning to post it.

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I have economic connections with Russia because I enjoy the company of Russians. I enjoy the company of Russians because of some kind of temperamental compatibility I - an impeccably Occidental person - have with them. I don't know why you don't have the same response to them - whether you've just met the wrong sort of Russian over there (emigration being a peculiar selective process, largely for those of an unpatriotic bent in this case), or you override your natural reaction due to having imbibed too much geopolitical dogma.

As for telling you what to do, I merely point out how unhealthy it seems from the outside - this constant posting of material to slag off Russians. Believe it or not, there are certain European ethnicities I don't have much time for, but if I ever caught myself devoting my online existence to spreading shit about them, I'd be disgusted and disappointed at myself. This goes beyond "just a guy posting threads here and there", and you really ought to try to look at yourself from outside.