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I prefer the euphemism "economic opportunists"

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Or "bloodsuckers", more artistically "mosquito agent of anti-european globalists"

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The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has admitted that Iraq is now “safe” and that nearly four million Iraqis have already returned home—proving that there is no longer any excuse for Iraqis to be claiming “refugee” status in any other country.

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Since when do we give a fuck what the globalist UN faggots say?

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Oh, so we let the UN be the authority here? Who cares if it is safe or a constant war zone? Get them out of Europe! The rape conquest has already been won.

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We were already saying that here, but this got upvoated because it's a Redpill for us to hand out to normies.

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The problem is the system supports them. That is about all I can say in this specific matter. They are fakes essentially, but since the establishment won't do something about it, but prefers to sit on it then things will only get worse.

They have grown too comfortable around the system(the Iraqi Refugees). This is the problem when the West destabilizes countries it has no business in.

We then harbor this problem in the long-term. They should be sent back to their country nevertheless and individual organizations and far=right groups should carry out these activties.

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Good luck with that.