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Apparently Assad's problem, besides the Israelis, is Iran.

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Its sort of a difficult situation. Iran has stood up against Islamic terrorism from Afghanistan to Syria. They certainly have their own strategic ends they wish to achieve, but not necessarily, since they already have Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran is trying to make its sphere of influence larger so if Israel gets any funny ideas of expanding in the future they can keep Israel in check. I have heard the Syrians are a bit suspicious of the Iranians, which is understandable when your population is made up of predominantly Sunnis, a sect of Islam all of Islam, including the Iranians consider heretical and pagan, and a heretical Ismaili sect(the Druze). I think Assad has pushed Iran and Hezbollah out of the Southern area of Syria.

Iran was not really entrenched there much anyways, but were more involved in Aleppo. Its not nearly as bad as the media makes it out to seem. They are pushing for a war. If they do try to intervene with N.A.T.O. Russia most likely won't be launching missiles at N.A.T.O. but Iran could definitely do that.

That is why Iran moved missiles within striking distance of Tel Aviv. Assad is going to need Iran's support if he has to settle for a federalized state or a Kurdish state in Northern Syria. On the other hand if Syria is fully recovered Iran will treat back into Iraq.

The West fears this will happen, especially since they believe Rojava will eventually be invaded by Turkish forces who will clear it for Assad. Interesting times ahead nevertheless, and Assad's biggest enemy is Israel/N.A.T.O. at the moment.