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I think the obsession with the Jews does not account for the whole problem and tends to get one too mired in broad and vague generalities that don't help clean up the main problem. It leads to all kind of conspiratorial thinking and at best distracts us from some other more serious problems.

Certainly, there is a Zionist issue and its bigger than even we make it out to be, but we have to deal with their frontmen and special interest groups loosely working on their behalf. Its a multi-cultural and leftist cabal. They should be the last people we contend with(I am talking about Israel and in this case if we consolidated power up to this point we should be generally even and heavy handed, with the prospect being we wish the best for them if they will behave and keep our of our business).

The main people we will have to go after will be harder to track and catch up to, like the George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg of the world, who have all kinds of international immunity and can disturb and infiltrate from afar.

Patrick Little would be better served than just creating a stir and running for president on the Democrat party, a fight he is obviously going to lose, and invest in a more legitimate approach, because even though the climb up the mountain might seem an impossible task that does not mean one just continually rams their head into base of the mountain, but rather slowly and patiently trek up to the top hoping they safely ascend to the top with much hard work, persistence, and team work.

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You’re a man who can think with his head, and I like that

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Don't worry, I think a bit too much with my head at times, which is not necessarily great. It can get vapid at certain points.

I prefer hearing from people who are fully connected to their instincts, such as yourself. I think in the end the head and instinct work together.

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