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Maybe he should of attended less parties with very young boys. We did support him, until it came out that hes protecting pedophiles and more than likely a pedophile himself. You don't just go to a party with drugged 11 year olds on a whim.. This was his circle he chose to be around.

If Milo is really asking questions, we should ask some of him. Name the fucking people who drugged and raped children at the parties that you attend. Why are you hanging out with them? His silence on this subject, the subject that ruined his life, is deafening. He promised a major pizzagate breakthrough and at the last 10min of it cut out and NEVER EVER MENTIONED IT AGAIN. This means he is controlled or to scared to say anything useful anyways. He's a Jew and a fag, 2 great reasons to not trust him or his agenda.