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Who put Milo "on the front lines" to begin with? He chose to do it and made money doing so.

He also chose to overtly promote aspects of his lifestyle that offend that vast majority of the people he cries about not supporting him.

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He put himself on the front lines of GG as well and crowdfunded a lot of money to write a book that he never intends to finish. He is a gay race mixing kike that just wanted to swindle the goyim out of a lot of shekels and push his degeneracy. When Trump was running and Milo was "supporting" him, Milo admitted he didn't actually want Trump to win. He said that on one of the Joe Rogan podcasts I believe.

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How is he a race mixer if he can't bear children?

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Oh man, that's a juicy piece of history waiting to bite him in the ass!

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It was on his first appearance on the JRE. There's a lot of people who try to claim to be a force of the Trump movement that in reality just hitched their boat to his hoping to benefit from the rising tide after they saw he was solidly the leader of the the right.

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Bingo! Exactly what I felt when reading it. Although he is right that the way people behave on fb are like a bunch of babies.

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We're not exactly the bunch to go posting on Facebook and Twitter...

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I actually saw Milo in person a few months ago at UCSB at a College Republicans Dinner. He made an amazing speech where he told us that the elites would not stop until we were all dead, and that they wanted us all dead. He also said we should have had a militia takeover of the US when the NRA got it's payment processing cut, and we should have taken over the banks by force, with guns.

It was an amazing speech, and I am alt Right pro white, not alt lite.

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muh based homosexual jew

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Ya there is some of that, but a smart honest nog, fag, or jew will realize how much better they had it while we are in charge.

No gay parade in Dearborn.

No Israel slushfunds or goy soldiers coming from san fran.

No electric cars coming from africa.

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This is the right attitude to have. Take the "best case scenario" in Milo's mind. Even if we get fully behind him, we get him on campuses, he says all the right things, organizes us politically in a way we find effective, what are we left with?

An anti-white homosexual race mixer that leads us down the same path to white genocide.

This is the same with Ben Shapiro. He "owns liberals" and soft in the head conservatives love him, but the key point he brings up is that race and color don't matter. Every single time non-whites are outnumbered by other races those races take us down the path to white genocide.

To over simplify, when we put latinos in charge and we get a corrupt cartel state, put niggers in charge we get corruption//violence/land grabs, put jews in charge and we end up serfs in a banking scheme, put asians in charge and we can't breath without inhaling polluted air, so on and so forth. But most importantly, all those groups end up rabidly anti-white and anti-europeans values. You can look to Brazil, Soviet Union, South Africa and many others to see this play out predictably.

These non-white e-celebrities are designed to use misdirection to make European Americans think they are working to protect white interests, when in reality they are leading us to our own destruction

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Who advocates men fucking children

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Maybe he should of attended less parties with very young boys. We did support him, until it came out that hes protecting pedophiles and more than likely a pedophile himself. You don't just go to a party with drugged 11 year olds on a whim.. This was his circle he chose to be around.

If Milo is really asking questions, we should ask some of him. Name the fucking people who drugged and raped children at the parties that you attend. Why are you hanging out with them? His silence on this subject, the subject that ruined his life, is deafening. He promised a major pizzagate breakthrough and at the last 10min of it cut out and NEVER EVER MENTIONED IT AGAIN. This means he is controlled or to scared to say anything useful anyways. He's a Jew and a fag, 2 great reasons to not trust him or his agenda.

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What a fucking drama queen.

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I'm imagining someone making this fb post of his into a snickers commercial lol

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Brace yourselves... The jew always cries out when he strikes.

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Milo will become a mouth piece for the SJWs, they pay more and it certainly seems like money is a big factor for him.

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This is far too accurate of a prediction

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Milo served two very important purposes. One was as a journalist to accurately describe Gamergate. Another was to show that it is possible to be gay and even a total faggot without buying into every bit of postmodern dogma. The Republicans had no idea how to use him, so they destroyed him.

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Dude's a pedo faggot. If faggots or niggers want to spout right wing talking points I can't stop them, but if we accept them as part of our movement we undermine what it is we stand for. It's a short trip from accepting niggers and faggots to "you can't say that it'll offensive to our nigger and faggot members!"

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That's why I dislike r/the_donald. So many silly virtue-signalling negroes.

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