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This guy knows such broad material on foreign relations. But doesn't realize the depth of power America has on other countries in terms of relations alone, not a lot of countries are going to side with other foreign powers after experiencing America's freedom boner between their legs. Which happens to be fully armed. Shapiro doesn't even reply to the guy mentioning the track record we have with Israel and how much we've given them in aid. Which of course other cuck countries do as well.

Nope. Instead he just hides behind (((9/11))) and the need to be present in countries. Although he pretends like no foreign aid is a good yet impossible idea.

Unfortunately I used to be a fan of this guy, but i think I really just enjoyed seeing people squirm with anger and disbelief after realizing how God awfully wrong their liberalism is.


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The problem with rule through fear is that nobody will ever trust or desire to cooperate with you and will take any and every opportunity not to. It's also a fairly new direction in US foreign policy. Which means you'll have to continuously outspend everyone else, combined, on military until the end of time and you might as well leave NATO right now because everyone knows you won't be there when the balloon goes up anyway.

And then you bitch about why healthcare is expensive and you have lefties trying to destabilize your country because they can't live anywhere they please on minimum wage like they feel entitled to.

This type of thinking is isolationist and plays right into the hand of your (((masters))) who rule through D&C.