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This is kind of taken out of context. The rest of his comment seemed to clarify that he wasn't planning on doing anything. Just that the jew hate gets annoying.

Disclaimer: i have no idea whats going on, just happened to see the full comment.

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Disclaimer: i have no idea whats going on

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That was an invitation to correct me. I'm wary of the comment because I'm for free speech, but i really do think its out of context.

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Fuck the fuck off wannabe keyboard commando.

<--- Reddit is that way,

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You are defending reddit in action. Move around.

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How about no.

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That is correct. See here for the context. I'll fully quote my entire post:

I'm sure he will. Meanwhile, as a moderator in this subverse, I already made it clear that I wouldn't mind having people take their 'free speech' elsewhere.

The problem with that, would of course be: where to draw the line? My solution to that, is to act arbitrary, without establishing a clear 'what is allowed and what not?' guide line, because the problem isn't primarily the contents, but the perceived annoyance. People shouldn't be annoying.

That is of course highly subjective, but so what? We don't owe anybody anything; start your own subverse if you don't like it.

But Joe being Joe, I think he'll stick to absolute free speech in this subverse anyway. Which I can live with as well.