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I wander onto here in between little bouts of work, just for a few titbits of current events and so on from sources I might not otherwise have ever heard of. And it doesn't disappoint. What on earth do you want?


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Not sure how to approach this.

What I can say is that I was the reason the old OE had much activity. The other staffers, in actions if not in words, looked at it as little more than a toy to play with occasionally. I was constantly having to prod them to post more. And if even they were AWOL one can imagine how casual most others were.

I have a bit better assistance here. Kattie, mostly. But it could certainly use more activity.

You're kind of a peculiar character. That I can say. Seem to have kind of a misanthrope thing going with a heavy dose of over-suspicion. I've noticed this since the old place. But in a sense you are correct. This place will likely stand or fall with me. But then it's always been that way - hence why this thread is especially, erm, unusual.


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It was mostly meant as a commentary of the quality of your latest submissions... nothing explicitly personal.