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Now the semitic peoples are the ruling class, but only while there are anglo-saxons, germanics, and verious other europeans in sufficient numbers to provide them cover.

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give them none, and take back what has been lost to us.

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Looking at the Anglo stock in Europe, maybe it's not such a bad thing that they've lost influence in the US.

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WASP was a term invented by a marxist professor in the sixties. 80% of british dna comes from stone age migration, the anglos and saxons were later and only account for 20%.

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Anatolian Turks are about 8% Turk. What you are saying is meaningless. The English speak English because of Anglo-Saxons. England even is called England because of Anglo-Saxons.

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its over Britbongitsan is no more

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The Anglo-Saxons are now just curators of the American Empire the real (((owners))) have since changed

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https://tweetsave.com/richardbspencer/status/1016508489223598082 :

Richard 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Spencer on Twitter: "Anglo-Saxons were once the American ruling class. We are now a dispossessed elite--symbolized by the fact that the establishment's inner sanctum, #SCOTUS, is Jewish and Catholic."

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Spencer occasionally engages in this pro-WASP nostalgia. Might be more convincing had he not reproduced with some racially suspect Russian-Georgian Putin partisan. The old WASPs usually avoided marrying outside their class and would have shuddered at so much as wedding a Catholic. Spencer went so far as to cross a civilizational divide.

It's another reason not to take him particularly seriously. Then again he comes off like an effeminate geek so he probably couldn't do any better than take a bride from Slavia.