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Britan has been loosing it's culture since 1776.

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Before that even. Oliver Cromwell, the traitor that led the rebellion against the old English Royal Family (old English Royals were of Nordic descent, new Royals are half-kikes, and with the recent marriage now negroid blood is mixed in) and had King Charles I executed at the end of the English Civil War in 1649. Cromwell let Jews back into England over 300 years after they had been expelled by King Edward I in 1290. It figures that England quickly became obsessed with (((world empire))) in the late 1600's. Cromwell also propagated animosity between Catholics and Protestants in England which had been gradually improving before then.

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Learn how to write English: "Britain has been losing its culture since 1776"

Are you retarded? If so my apologies, for someone mentally disabled you write very well.

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Probably typos. No need bee to cunty about it.

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britbong makes himself feel better by correcting grammar in a critique

You're not upholding any standards anywhere anymore, fucktard.
You want to be a Grammar Nazi? Maybe start by upholding standards on your streets of rape. THEN you can talk about no-bother typos and correct apostrophe usage with some level of legitimacy.

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What a god

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I havent care about britfags since 1776. Once they become an islamic caliphate I want to go in and clear out the vermin and take the loot home.

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You have seen many changes during your 300 years of life, old goat.

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Isn't John Cleese leaving for exactly this reason?

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Holy shit ... he actually said it. I love this timeline!

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Absolute truth - when the most popular British foods are Indian & Arab, when you can't fly the Union Jack or the Saint George's Cross w/o it being offensive, when the most popular boy's name is Muhammed, and when British comedy isn't even allowed to be comedy, or largely white anymore - then Brits are losing their culture.

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How about you say the same about the US?

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To be fair, culture evolves, it never stays the same. If you expected things to stay like Downton Abbey or Hyacinth forever, you're delusional.

Adopting Islamic culture, however...no thanks. Fuck that shit, all day.

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Do you imagine Trump was saying something fundamentally different from what you are saying?

It's a given that things change. There is continuity that is retained in transmitting culture to one's descendants that is not found on the same level with replacement migration though.

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There's good evolution and then not so good evolution.

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