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So they lack a proper sewer system for their city, and it has blockages, which they clear by sending skindivers in to the sewers, and sometimes they get stuck and die.

Now the next guy has two blockages to clear.

Anyone else seeing the flaw in their plan?


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A properly designed system does not need someone to go in and clean it... at least not on a regular basis. I still remember the news of the Roman Empire built one clogging around 10 years ago which hadn't been cleaned for ~2,000 years. It finally clogged due to a curve they had to make because one rock type was too tough for them to properly dig out the tunnel.


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One of the comments.

Frances US, Lynn, about 11 hours ago

That is horrible, is there no way for them to organize a union and demand better wages and equipment??

Some stupid people in the world.


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https://archive.fo/vcapt :

Bangladesh sewer cleaners dive into filth to claw out blockages | Daily Mail Online

'Dozens of sewer cleaners die every year in Bangladesh as they dive into putrid drains to clear blockages with a stick or just their bare hands. '

'Many die every year from drowning and an unknown number of others suffer health effects from frequent dives. '

'The city of 14 million people suffers from an inadequate drainage system that is made considerably worse by heavy rain, leading to frequent flooding. '

'They have to hold their breath as they dive through human waste and also must deal with poisonous fumes emitted by the sewage. '

'They are paid £7.50 a day at most to swim through the polluted sewers of the overpopulated capital of Dhaka without any protective gear - not even goggles. '

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Time for Mike Rowe to step up his game.


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