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The Atlantic


(((Sam Nunberg)))

Double kek.


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https://archive.fo/l6hVZ :

How the Swamp Drained Trump - The Atlantic

'Ask Sam Nunberg who’s to blame for the swampification of the Trump White House, and he’ll bitterly rattle off a list of cabinet officials, family members, and presidential advisers. '

'Often, it seems, the most powerful bartering chip a lawmaker has to offer the Trump White House is not a vote for a given bill or a pledge of support for a given policy, but rather an expression of personal affection for Trump himself. '

'Nunberg was unceremoniously pushed out of the campaign early on amid an internal power struggle, and despite years of advising Trump, he was never offered a job in the White House. '

'For all his anti-establishment bluster, Trump has proven to be a paper tiger as president. '

'But from the moment Air Force One touched down in Switzerland, it seemed clear that Trump did not see himself as a gate-crasher. '

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