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model is loaded with other glorifying notions


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See I've thought of that, but if someone is paying to take pictures of you, you're a de facto model. If those pictures are naked pictures, you're a de facto pornographic model. I'd love for you to be able to prove otherwise, but porn model is the most neutral term to describe the people who'm I'd otherwise refer to as adult film stars.
Chez ils, they refer to themselves as "cam girls". Cam girl is the predominant industry term.


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Are the athletes that do the naked "Body" shoots for SI "pornographic models"?

It always helps to be precise when figuring out how to label someone.

If the whore only takes nude pics, but they're tasteful: nude model

Explicit? Explicit nude model

Pornographic (depicting sexual acts): pornographic model

Now to videos...When (((Porn))) produced movies with script and narrative, they could be called pornographic actresses.

But anymore the plot/script is either non-existent or so weak that it could be considered not there, so what they really are is whores that let people film them, or more succinctly: filmed whores.

More accurate headline:



[–] everyonesgaybutme ago  (edited ago)

Actually, I totally agree with you and I think what's going to have to happen, as long as government stops stealing from the competent and giving it to the incompetent, we'll just have to let these people who can't interpret words properly get confused and fuck up their lives. and i hope that happens because i'm getting very sick of seeing clearly mentally deficient people taking resources from others and fucking up others' quality of life.

if women want to do dumb shit, they should experience the consequences just like anyone else