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Thank you for the ping, @european.

@Joe_McCarthy may you live forever under the Jewish yoke, and if Jewish, smell bitter almonds in your restless sleep until it finally happens for real.

I have a massive amount of archived material on these subjects, and much of it unsorted. Below I present the findings within the first 200 of my unsorted 3,232 items.

Jewish media power - Jews are overrepresented in the US media yet still comprise a minority. And when people say Jews 'own' 'the media' this is the substance of it. They haven't the foggiest idea who owns the media in Germany or Switzerland.

As mentioned elsewhere, this is horseshit. The only reason the native populations have allowed this all to happen is because JEWS own their media, because if an actual human owned/ran some media, they'd have been thoroughly outraged by what's happening.

Jews control the world - bullshit with no real evidence.

Bullshit since being the sole driving force behind the invasion of Europe and the US is JEWS, meaning they're waging a war on WHITE countries that they are allowed to infiltrate.

Rothschilds own most or all central banks - a kook theory derived from fringe sources.

Lucky for you, the first couple hundred items I went through had nothing on this, however, who runs those banks if not for the only people ever accused or described as running those banks? Someone else here had a quote from Amschel Rothschild more or less declaring his intent.

Jews ran the Soviet Union - overstated at best.

HAHAHAHAHA Seriously? Of all the Jewish shit you had to pick, you picked this one? Jews are literally the only reason the Bolshevik Genocide happened, you fucking kike.

Israel controls the United States - bullshit though the Zionist lobby has considerable power.

Another insanely laughable one. Henry Ford lists out what they control, are you saying he lied? Why do we give so many gibs to Israel, Jew? Why don't we ask Truman?

Why don't we just ask a bunch of important people in the past?

@kevdude @Trigglypuff @jewshekelstein1488


I'll go through more unsorted later - posts like these give me the impetus to go through them, so hopefully by the end I'll be able to hammer out what IS sorted as a post here, as well.


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More like you're paranoid conspiracy theorists wasting the time of everyone on Voat with simplistic a/o absurd ideas. It takes more time to refute bullshit than to produce it though so this blizzard of bullshit we've seen on this thread will take time to address. I'll address it though and this thread will remain stickied. Y'all just downvote. Because beyond your shitty arguments it's all you've got.