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Yes, they are different actresses.

The character on the top is Blanca Flores, played by Laura Gomez. The quote can be found here.

The character on the bottom is Maritza Ramos, played by Diane Guerrero. The story about her family getting deported can be found here.

So fuck off and don't contradict people if you don't know what you're talking about, dipshit.


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I think you are focused too much on precision. What one is supposed to understand is the following:

  1. Undifferentiated latina played by undifferentiated latina says bullshit about taking over the US.

  2. Undifferentiated latina played by undifferentiated latina Has her family get deported.

The humor is supposedly found in the contrast between what is forecast in the first sentence and what actually happens in the second sentence.

But, the reason why your facts are irrelevant is because the second sentence is just funny as shit on its own. You don't even need the set up from sentence one.


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Are they really the same woman? Admirable make-up and effects workers if so.


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Different actresses, see here for explanation and links. Don't immediately believe every monosyllabic retard you see on the internet.


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Gotta agree. I'd fuck the one on the bottom, at least at her place without giving a last name. Maybe it's the tears that got me going...


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faking things is hollywoods greatest strength