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You have to be incredibly naive to think none of the priests have deviant tendencies, and that none of them take advantage of people's faith in them. Your attitude sickens me, this type of self delusion is what allows them to get away with it.


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Motherfucker, the government is literally being run by satan-worshipping pedophiles, but this is too much for you to believe?


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What the hell are you talking about? It's not an 'either or' situation. The media might be corrupt, but they aren't very competent. The truth has a way of getting out, especially with the internet up now.

Protecting children isn't about serving factional agendas, it's simply about decency. Sometimes problems manifest from human nature. One needn't be involved in satanic rituals, or even have a belief in the devil to act out their darker impulses. Do politicians and oligarchs abuse their power to indulge their most perverse urges? Some do, without a doubt; probably a lot of them get away with it.

I think you'll find perversion isn't limited only to factions you resent though. The evil is only allowed to dominate when people turn a blind eye to the problems in their own back yard. There are parents who abuse their children, there are teachers who do it, there are priests who do it. It wouldn't be near as bad if the victims were supported and the predators were stopped by those who pretend to care.

Calling victims liars because they were abused by the faction you want to support is abhorrent. Turning child abuse and sexual abuse into a partisan issue only causes more harm to all victims. What they went through is bad enough without them being shamed and intimidated by some group who'd rather stick their heads up their asses than deal with reality. And even for the victims that you recognize, your lack of objectivity helps their abusers pass the accusations off as a witch hunt.