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Got a source on that? and what do normal women and men look like in infrared?

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Normal women don't have a penis.

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I'm pretty sure infrared doesn't just signal out brain heart and penis. is it a penis or is it a bladder? I would like to see more information to know what's going on in the picture. Also I'm pretty sure michelle Obama has never been that thin, especially the arms. I completely think michelle obama is most likely a dude, but I also think this picture might be bullshit.

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So many reasons this is false. Bar and Mich are roughly the same height, and when she's in heals, she's taller. She's a big woman - shoulders, arms, waist,, buttocks. The woman hear has very feminine features. If you know jack shit about thermal / infrared, these are not true signatures. Even a nude person wouldn't have heat profiles anywhere near this. If wearing clothing, the definition is that much more blurred, unless the body parts are pressed against clothing and the clothing is as thin as plastic bag. The neck and exposed skin will be much hotter than the head, chest, and genitals. This belongs in that ShitPost subverse. I should know. I have a Thermal Scope, and a chick with an equally dirty mind.