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https://archive.fo/oScQ7 :

Serena Williams Loses US Open To Newcomer, Blames 'Sexism' | Daily Wire

'Williams' coach later admitted to catching Williams' attention, but not until after Serena Williams earned other penalties for smashing her racket in frustration and for hurling "verbal abuse" at the referee. '

'Japanese newcomer Naomi Osaka defeated legendary tennis pro, Serena Williams, in a shocking end to a US Open that seemed tailor-made for a Williams comeback. ', "But Serena Williams isn't quietly accepting her defeat."

'Plenty of female commentators piled on, with few daring to criticize Williams, not just for her on-court behavior, but her on-court play. ', "Astute conservative commentator Larry Elder was one of the first to call out Williams' supporters."

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The winner was completely robbed of her win by Serena throwing a tantrum. Regardless if the chair ump, it was really selfish of her to do that to her opponent. Especially a young and rising star.

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You need Gorilla Glasses to watch her next match. Gorilla TV!

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Ah weren't the line and net judges women?

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Niggers don't speak english, they just memorize magic words and shout them to get what they want.

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I love how this "woman" complained , "other men do it" a slip I believe. I didn't know but suspect williams was a man from the build and face but now I know that some genetics don't lie. If I was from another country I would refuse to allow or acknowledge that a tranny can compete or is a champion in a world class competition and require genetic testing if in doubt and if someone calls them a racist then ban them from their country and tell them they are not allowed to compete in a female sport because they are a man and that is not fair to the other competitors and that is the way it should be, also till you have your cock removed you can't compete even if trannies can because your just doing it because you don't have enough talent to compete with your own gender a huge cop out.

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Surprised she didn't use the racist card as well but roid rage is a concern for her kind.

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