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why do i feel like vincent d'onofrio is involved in this as some kind of underground bug fence

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https://archive.fo/9DDMp :

Police Says Rare Insects, Reptiles Worth over $40,000 Stolen | Time

'(PHILADELPHIA) — Philadelphia police say current or former employees at an insectarium stole over $40,000 worth of rare insects and reptiles. '

'Authorities say the suspects stole about 90% of the animals at the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion on Aug. 22 and possibly other days. '

' Insectarium officials say they hope to restock their collection in time for the Philadelphia Oddities Expo in November. '

'John Cambridge believes the animals were stolen to be resold. '

'They say some of the insects, including a Mexican fireleg tarantula, have been returned. '

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