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Don't steal, won't go to jail.

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I see all the folks bitching that this is somehow racist, but they miss the real complaint here. Chicago cops are more worried about luring some folks to steal from a truck so they can arrest them than they are trying to decrease the violent crime rate or catch criminals who have already committed a crime. I would be bitching more about wasting time on non-violernt crime (that may not have even happened without the cops parking that truck there) while ignoring violent ones.

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Because of low cooperation levels from the black community, during police investigations, the only way to catch these criminals is in the act, footage, or DNA evidence. Even then, there's a difference between reactionary police work and preventative police work.

I'm sure the theory is to catch them breaking the law before they get violent. Either way, theft is still a major problem.

I laugh at the people calling the cops racist. No, what's racist is all these people who think it's a physical impossibility for a nigger to resist stealing sneakers. A money truck could leave their doors open and I still wouldn't even consider stealing anything...

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on my first day at work I noticed a cash register drawer loaded with cash and I just walked by and mentioned it to the manager who told me that it was safe because no one there stole "good" and there were camera's all over the place so no one could get away with it. I sometimes go into the office and there is like a $1000 sitting there but I just stay clear and keep my hands in plain site and I once had to slide the drawer to the side to be able to grab my paycheck and I did it with the back of my hand and then held up my hands immediately in front of me so the cameras could see they were empty. Real people don't steal even if they are broke and instead ask for food or try to work for it if necessary since that shows character doing that.

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They are all saying it's entrapment but a honey pot is not entrapment in any neighborhood. I see all the white people going that they didn't do it in a white neighborhood but it wouldn't matter. People no matter what color should not steal and if they do they need to be arrested and pay the penalty. Hell in my neighborhood someone if they realized what was in the truck and it was unguarded would probably get a gun and start guarding it and also call the police to let them know the situation. Theives should never be tolerated and they are lucky we are in racist america because in the middle east some countries cut your fucking hands off so you can't steal again and maybe we should bring that practice back.

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It's a useful way to get these young hoodlums in the system, and to run up their arrest and conviction records. Then when they commit a really atrocious crime, they can get slammed with a harsher sentence.

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Deep breath...


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https://tweetsave.com/atlblackstar/status/1026858905316601859 :

Atlanta Black Star on Twitter: "Chicago police parked a truck filled with Nike sneakers in front of a basketball court where underprivileged kids played, with the goal of entrapping them. When the kids went to take shoes out, the police surprised them and arrested the teens. (🎥: @therealremyredd )… /zhjlHeVsaK"

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I love how they call them underprivileged when saying kids with lazy crappy parents live to be more to the point because like Chris Rock said in Niggers vs black people "then there the black man and the looks at the nigger and goes, I got 2 jobs, can't you at least get one", and that is so much the truth.

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Trump said that Black unemployment is lowering everyday. even that Kapronick got a job.,